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Ridley Noah Fast Disc 2021 – Prizmatic Special Edition

€ 7.499,00

Nu verkrijgbaar bij Dixhoornfietsservice een zeer bijzondere Ridley Noah Fast Disc 2021 – Prizmatic Special Edition afgemonteerd met Ultegra di2 en Zpeed evo tr35 wielset.

Special edition:

The Noah Fast Disc is our top-level aero model and was built from scratch with every feature rebuilt. This powerhouse has no rival in cutting through wind thanks to component integrations of the fork, handlebar, seat post clamp, thru axles and cables, next to F-Surface Plus, F-Wings and spacer profile updates. On this bike every rider is able to find his perfect position accurate to 1mm as result of our whole bike approach, where every part needs to fit together perfectly.

But there’s more. Thanks to adaptations in the fork, seat post and handlebar the bikes total weight is about 250 grams lighter than its predecessor. Subsequently the rim version is able to stay below 7 kg on the scale, without the need of exotic lightweight components. Light as a feather, when speaking aero.